🌸I don't wear pants 🌸

Im honestly so thankful that I could get them like omg 💎 I have the best mother in the world. Im so lucky that my mother would do all of this for me because she knows how much they mean to me. Last year I went to a concert but not nearly as close as these. I was in the back but now I’ll be able to see my 5 idiots & possibly hold their hand & see zayn with the high notes & I’ll see my boyfriend & his perfect self. Im in perfect bliss; just counting the days. Im going to have to thank my mother for the rest of my life but idc I love her & Im so #thankful thank you god 💕🙌 #wwa #wherewearetour #metlifestadium
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    They had a pre-sale which is today but they’re already out
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    How did you get these early?!?
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